Technology Guidelines

These guidelines were developed by staff and students through a ‘problem based learning’ approach during a time called “Work on it Wednesdays.”  During these times, real school problems are posed to students, so that they may develop solutions.

Learning Expeditions’ Technology Guidelines

Based on our discussions the following guidelines have been voted upon by the students and teachers at Learning Expeditions regarding technology use:

1.     No violent video games are to be played at school on either school or personal technology.

a.     Violence is defined by the parental rating of the game. All games played during school hours (8:00 – 3:00) should meet appropriate parental rating agreed upon by the class.

2.     Students are allowed to play approved games during the following times only: 8:30 – 8:50 and 12:00 – 12:35. Students are not permitted to play video games during the 15-minute break.

3.     Students are not allowed to use school internet/bandwidth to download games or programs that are not directly related to their projects. Project needs have priority over gaming needs, including during approved gaming time.

4.     Parental controls will be in place to block or prohibit websites that have no foreseeable educational or project-based value.

5.     All students will be on a 3-strike policy in regards to these guidelines. Three or more conversations/conflicts with teachers due to an inability to follow these guidelines will result in a meeting with the student and their parents to put a support plan in place to help the student follow the guidelines.