Technology Guidelines

Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journey) Technology Use Guidelines

At our school we use technology for the purpose of learning. We value the use of technology as a pathway to learning.  Here are some rules/guidelines you should be aware of:

  1. No technology is to be used during recess or lunch

  • This time is for social interaction, play, exploration, movement and time outdoors

  • All students are to go outside at recess and lunch and come dressed for the weather every day.

  • The library may be open sometimes for students to read

    • If a student chooses to go to the library at recess, they must go outside for lunch (or vice versa).

2) Technology at school is used for educational uses only

  • Students use laptops and ipads for researching, writing, making videos, educational games and tools, music, photoshop and graphic design.

3) Personal devices are not needed during school time (between 9:00am and 3:00) and should be left at home

  • We have laptops and ipads available so students do not need to bring their personal device

  • Exception: If the student has talked with the teacher about using the device for educational uses (e.g. using a tablet to create a “Keynote” presentation for a project, or using a laptop from home that has a specific photo editing program)

  • We have phones at the school for students to use during the day, and it is important that the teacher knows when a child is phoning home (cell phones are not necessary)

  • If it is necessary for a student to bring a device to use after or before school, then it must stay put away from 9:00 – 3:00 (teacher can put it in a safe place until the end of the day)

  • Students with an IEP (Individual Education Plans) may have separate needs and may be using a device for learning if their IEP specifies it.