Sea to Sky Learning Connections Staff

Boersma, Lindsey – CJ Teacher

Demchuk, Kristin – CJ, LE, & SSA Teacher

DeJong, Zack – NOP Teacher

Fulber, Fil – Educational Assistant

Gallant, Keith – Vice Principal

Gordon, Brayden – Principal

Jakob, Shaun – LE Teacher

Lambert, Elise – Clerical Assistant

Laurie, Gayle – Clerical Assistant

Lowe, Katrina – CJ Teacher 

Lunder, Brad – Educational Assistant

Lupton, Jenna – CJ Teacher

Mardon, Maija – Educational Assistant

McRae, Cory – SSA Teacher

Minkus, Janaya – CJ Teacher

Parker, Larissa – SSA Teacher Counsellor

Rapoport, Daniel – LE Teacher

Robbins, Brodie – LE Teacher

Turczyk, Kat – Counsellor

Van Oostdam – CJ Teacher

Watson, Marnee – Youth Care Worker

Williams, Charlene – Aboriginal Culture and Language Worker

Willmot, Mark – Teacher

Associated Staff

Baker, Maureen – Aboriginal Support Worker

Dineen, Iris – District Youth Care Worker

Evans, Denise – Counsellor

Hamill, John – Aboriginal Support Worker

Lewis, Cynthia – Aboriginal Outreach Worker

Ormerod, Charlotte – Speech Language Pathologist

Strangway, Carrie – District Psychologist