Sea to Sky Learning Connections Staff

Ast, Kat, Teacher Counselor,

Blumel, Jeremy, Teacher,

Bride, Miriam, Teacher,

Boersma, Linsdey, Teacher,

Borsoff, Erin, Teacher,

Carter, Brittany, Teacher,

Edmondson, Robyn, Teacher,

Ellwood, Laura, Teacher,

Evans, Steve, Teacher,

Fulber, Fil, Educational Assistant,

Green, Greta, Educational Assistant,

Hartling, Cory, Vice Principal,

Hughes, Jenny, Teacher,

Lambert, Elise, Clerical Assistant,

Laurie, Gayle, Clerical Assistant,

Leigh, Barb, Education Assistant,

Lowe, Katrina, Teacher, 

McClarty, Bridget, Teacher,

Marreiros, Alicia, Educational Assistant,

Massey, Ryan, Principal,

Mansour, Jen, Teacher,

Moore, Josie, Teacher,

Mullings, Emma, Teacher,

Parker, Larissa, Teacher Counsellor,

Radawiec, Naomi, Teacher,

Roy, Breanne, Teacher,

Watson, Marnee, Youth Care Worker,

Williams, Shelly, Education Assistant,

Willmot, Mark, Teacher,

Associated Staff

Baker, Maureen, Aboriginal Support Worker,

Cholewka, Sheena, District Psychologist,

Dineen, Iris, District Youth Care Worker,

Evans, Denise, Counsellor,

Hamill, John, Aboriginal Support Worker,

Lewis, Cynthia, Aboriginal Outreach Worker,

Nolan, Monica, Speech Language Pathologist,

Strangway, Carrie, District Psychologist,

Williams, Charlene, Aboriginal Culture and Language Worker,