School Learning Plan

Sea to Sky Learning Connections – School Learning Plan

Version 3.0 – January 24, 2018

Each year, Sea to Sky Learning Connections engages with students, parents, staff and the community on the ongoing development of our School Learning Plan.

Our revised School Learning Plan was created last year and has continued this year.  It is intended that staff, parents and students of all Sea to Sky Learning Connections schools and programs will be represented on this committee.  For all programs, staff have been engaged in refining past goals into Theories of Action this year.  Using the “If (strategy/pedagogy) and (learning)” template, the Theories of Action have been developed over the course of this year during summer learning meetings,  staff meetings and individual program meetings.

This year, our School Learning Committee has determined the areas of our plan where we would like to seek input and consultation and established timelines for developing and refining our School Learning Plan on a yearly basis.  Parents and students will be engaging through online surveys and student forums.

Our goal is to have a comprehensive, data-based, consultative School Learning Plan that combines all schools and programs under the Sea to Sky Learning Connections umbrella (Sea to Sky Alternative School, Sea to Sky Online, Learning Expeditions and Cultural Journeys).  We are currently in the process of “scanning” our students using the “Spirals of Inquiry” model.

LCS School Learning Plan 2017_18

LCS School Learning Plan Presentation 2017-2018

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