Friday May 1st, 2020


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope everyone has had an incredible week of fun and learning.  The staff and I have really enjoyed seeing your faces on Google Meets and on the photos that you are sending in.  We are all looking forward to seeing all your faces in the building.  We are continuing to flatten the curve from this terrible virus and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.  Kat K has given us another awesome blurb about being grateful and I think it is so important to practice gratitude on a daily basis.  Please enjoy your weekend and there will come a time where we can all get together again.  I know we are definitely looking forward to that day!!

Kat’s Covid Blurb!

Love, Fear and the Importance  of Gratitude!

If you boil just about any emotion down to its root it has a tendency to lean in either one direction or another. There is a path to choose.

Such feelings as sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy, or grief are in actuality fear. It could be that we resent our spouses for not helping around the house because we fear we will never have time for ourselves. Perhaps we feel we are grieving our past lives before this crisis in fear that things will never quite be the same. We become jealous because we are afraid that we are not living to our own full potential and therefore become possessive or envious of others. Getting angry at someone for saying something hurtful could expose a fear that they may be right.

On the other hand such feelings as excitement, joy, forgiveness, calm, or empathy are at their core love. When you see yourself in another person, love is what is driving this feeling of empathy. Self love is what we are truly feeling when we get excited to go for a hike or a bike ride as you know how important self care is for you.  When you make a conscious choice to trust someone, or your community that is an act of love for those around you; you choose to believe in the goodness of others.

Gratitude is about paying attention to what we are thankful for. Most people think that being grateful is an action but more importantly I believe gratitude is a choice. It is a choice between emotions that either express love or fear. After all we can always have more and we can always have less. Shifting the focus to what we have rather than what we don’t have is the key to becoming more grateful and when we are more grateful then our minds, our bodies and our spirits will thank us!

If you want to learn more about your kids one of the best daily practices you can do is express to one another what you are all individually grateful for… it’s amazing what you will find your kids come up with after a while! It takes up no extra time over the dinner table or before bed and it helps the whole family switch gears and focus on what is truly important and that is the love you have for one another! Not only that but it is one of the simplest ways to fight negative self talk, low self worth and in general those feelings that are driven by fear. This practice alone will create new neuropathways in the brain and this will increase your child’s resilience as well as your own!

Don’t get me wrong! These uncertain times makes it more difficult to choose gratitude and love… especially when my partner keeps putting his dirty dinner dishes on TOP of the dishwasher!!!?  ;/ … sometimes this practice is easier said than done but the effort to do so will definitely help manage some of the irritations and anxieties that have arisen out of this new way of being. I guess I should be grateful to have the food that dirtied my dishes in the first place!:)