Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope everyone has had an incredible week and you are staying safe and healthy.   Remember staying healthy is not just about your physical health but it also has to do with our emotional/mental health.  It is so important to look after you in this difficult time…

Our amazing counsellor Kat, has given us a “covid blurb” to help us navigate some of our feelings and emotions.  Please read and reach out to us if you need our support.

Hello everyone, Kat here!!

It would be an understatement to say that our worlds have been turned upside down since this pandemic has introduced itself to our reality. Some of us are feeling symptoms of depression; low mood, grief, low energies and an absence of joy in things we once loved to do.  Others however are leaning more towards feelings of anxiety; a heightened nervous system, scattered thinking, cluttered thoughts and a general feeling of overwhelm and worry. What has been helpful for some parents and kids is knowing that there are three spaces on time the past, present and future.

Depression tends to live in the past so when we lament about how we managed a situation, become regretful about certain choices we made or are grieving our past lives before this pandemic entered our reality we can become overwhelmed with sadness, and a low mood.

Anxiety on the other hand is more concerned with possibilities in the future such as becoming concerned about the “what if’s” of life… such as: what if we get hurt, what if I embarrass myself?, what if I can’t cope?

Since excessive focus on the past and the future can perpetuate these poisonous feelings of anxiety and depression then luckily we have the antidote and that is the…. present moment!  Anxiety and depression have a much harder time to exist in our minds in the moment because we have much more control over our behaviours in the now; and our behaviours have an impact on our feelings and emotions.  So it s important to bring yourself into the here and now!

We bring ourselves into the moment by remembering what brings us joy and relaxation. What can you do that makes the time go by fast or makes time slip away? Can you get a hold of a creative project or set up a fitness goal? How do you meditate? With sitting still, doing a sudoku puzzle or knitting?  Kids are especially good at being in the moment outside. Is there a routine that helps ground you and give you purpose everyday? Do you love to play with your kids? These things will help us and our kids manage the big emotions that come with this crisis so take the time to figure out what being in the moment might look like for you! You deserve it!