Cold Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Given the ongoing extreme weather forecasts, especially in the Squamish area, we want to share an update for tomorrow with you. 

Unless there is significant damage to a school site, a significant road closure, or similar circumstances making it impossible to operate safely (e.g. no heat at school), schools will remain OPEN for children to arrive. In the unlikely event that there is a school closure, the School District will do its best to communicate this by 7:00 am each morning via the School District and school websites, email, our Twitter feed, and through our media partners, such as Mountain FM who assist us with radio announcements and social media alerts. 

If no closures are announced, schools will be open to safely receive students. However, you are responsible for taking your children to and from school safely each day and are not expected to take unnecessary risks to do so. If you do not feel you can safely take your child to school please notify the school office first thing each morning so your school quickly knows that your child is safe.

If your child takes a school bus to school, please be advised that we may not be able to run all bus routes in the morning. Despite each of our communities having effective snow removal equipment and sanders, occasionally transportation can be a challenge for our bus fleet. We will use the previously mentioned communications to update you as early and as frequently as possible.

The school day may look somewhat different under these extreme conditions, but our intention as always, will be to provide a great day of learning at each school.

We will update our websites as further information is received later today about the weather conditions. I hope this information assists you with your planning for these extreme weather conditions and possible road closures.

Thank you, and please stay safe.

Lisa McCullough