LEX January 31

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

January 31, 2019


It was a busy, short week at Learning Expeditions. A well earned long weekend! Here are just some of the things we have been up to:

  • In Math, Juniors are continuing with the Dream Home Project. This week was all about critique. Students are moving into designing the wall, door and window layout. Seniors are continuing with their individualized curriculum.
  • In Science, Seniors are learning about identifying acids and bases. Next week we will begin experimenting with reactions involving acid and bases. Juniors have now learned about the concept of density. Next week we will be looking at how density is used during industrial processes like plastic recycling!
  • Humanities students finished their comic strips and skits interpreting The Epic of Gilgamesh (for seniors) and Aesop’s Fables (for juniors). Both cohorts will be moving on to the myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome. Each student is tasked with an assignment that will test their ability to connect characters from these myths to characters in contemporary film, shows, and games they enjoy. Details are posted on Google Classroom. Due next Thursday.
  • Students in Philosophy began their unit on Epistemology (the study of knowledge). Students are exploring the nature of knowledge by examining how it’s defined in philosophy and how we know what is true (empiricism vs rationalism). Next week students will continue by looking at skepticism and the philosophy of science. Quiz next Friday.
  • Robotics students are learning code in order to build and program their own passion projects.
  • Leadership: Denim Day was a success. Lots of denim worn today – it felt like the 80s!
  • Students in Fitness continued their investigation into muscle metabolism during endurance running to better understand the physical experiences we have when we run.
  • Studio Art students have just completed an assignment where they experimented with incorporating the element of texture into their compositions. Students working both digitally and traditionally came up with unique and individual designs. This week we have started looking at the art of drawing in perspective!

Report cards should have come home with your student today. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to the teachers. As always, please feel free to drop in and check out what’s happening. Sincerely,

The Learning Expeditions Team