LEX Newsletter 01/19

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

January 19, 2019


It was another busy week at Learning Expeditions. This week was a lot of ‘direct instruction’ as students gain the foundational knowledge to prepare for the big projects. This means lots of reading, lectures, note taking and class discussions. Here are just some of the things we have been up to:

  • In Math, Juniors continued planning their dream homes. Lots of creative ideas! All students should now be accessing assignments via Google Classroom. Parents, please ask your child to show you their account – samples of the project and details of the first assignment are posted.
  • Science students continued with chemistry this week. Using scientific inquiry, students are learning the skills they need for some exciting upcoming labs.
  • Humanities students completed their weekly challenge on Friday, which tests their knowledge and skills gained throughout the week. Details of this are posted each Monday to help students keep on task. Juniors are studying creation myths, while seniors are exploring the legends of indigenous peoples across North America.
  • Students in Philosophy were given an introduction to metaphysics this week. Students grappled with the mind-body problem, using the video game ‘The Swapper’ to help examine philosophical concepts of the mind, from Descartes to functionalism. Kellyn presented on free will vs. determinism on Friday, and students used their philosophical reasoning to debate the topic.
  • Peer tutoring students learned some tips and techniques to support our little ones with fine motor skills – hand strengthening exercises and gripping a pencil correctly were a few of the topics covered. As always, the kindies and grade 1 students love their time with their big buddies!
  • Leadership students rocked it this week with cold calls to different community members. We wrote scripts, practiced mock phone calls, and then stepped out of our comfort zones and made some calls! Details to come!

Parents, don’t hesitate to ask your student to show you their Google Classrooms. It can help keep your student up to date, and give you an idea of what they are learning. As always, please don’t hesitate to drop in and check out what’s happening. Sincerely,

The Learning Expeditions Team