Weekly Newsletter 11/30

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

November 30, 2018


It was a busy week at learning expeditions. Here are just some of the things we have been up to:

  • Students in math have been looking at budgeting for a 20 year old living in Squamish. Students designed a monthly budget and compared it to income, graphing it using google sheets.
  • Junior Humanities students have started their next project, working with Helping Hands to tackle homelessness in our community. Students have been learning about the causes of homelessness, and are planning an exciting holiday event that will help provide for the homeless here in Squamish.
  • Senior Humanities students have also been exploring the societal causes of homelessness. Students are planning a project that helps lift the stigma of homelessness in our community and works to elevate the voices of those affected. Stay tuned for an interesting project idea in the works – students are putting together a proposal for Helping Hands to be presented next week.
  • Foods students began their exploration of sourdough. They have been feeding their own starters and are documenting changes daily. They also had their first crack at bread baking and even made their own nutella!

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  • In Science, students have been reporting on the ecosystems in the Howe Sound region that sustain the incredible biodiversity it supports. Using the recently published Ocean Watch Report, students created posters to share their knowledge of these unique habitats.
  • Social Justice students have been hard at work on their final essays and other activities. Brennan Plumb gave a very informative and engaging lesson on net neutrality, which included a heated debate on the topic.
  • All student have been preparing goods to sell at Exhibition Night as part of their Entrepreneurship Project. They are excited to share what they have made!
  • We are sad to see Sophia and Carlos leave our community, but excited for what their new future holds! A final circle was held for each student, where the community shared words of wisdom for the departing students. Come back and visit soon Sophia!

Junior students are still looking for donations raising money for their beautiful mural. Please visit their GoFundMe if you wish to donate →