LEX December 16th

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

December 16, 2018


Why do we have Exhibition Night?

Exhibition Night is about more than students presenting their learning. It allows students to reflect on their semester, how they learn, their future, and their work habits. It shows students how important it is to deeply know something in order to share it with others.

Exhibition Night allows students to see that collaboration is crucial in bringing big ideas together, and in keeping control of many moving parts. This night, the one that requires ‘all hands on deck’, the night that is as rewarding as it is stressful, is the night that it all comes together.

Project-based learning is evidence-based education, but it’s also an organic experience that is constantly evolving. Exhibition Night is itself a project, and like all others, it requires students to work together, problem solve in real time, and reflect on what keeps them motivated. Exhibition night is a vulnerable experience. It let’s students explore how self-validation is not dependent on external success. Little failures along the way have their place too.

Though many students are relieved when it’s all over, the mood on Exhibition Night is always electric. The smiles on the faces of the students sharing their hard work, and those of the guests too, capture this spirit. We thought we’d let the pictures tell the story this year. Sincerely,

The LEx team