LEX October 19th

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

October 19, 2018


We had a wonderful week at Learning Expeditions with beautiful weather. Here are just a few of the things we were up to:

  • Students in science started their story of biodiversity, learning how DNA can change through random mutation. Students also started their exploration of heredity.
  • Humanities students finished their editorials and monuments, which all offered passionate insight into cultural sustainability here in Squamish. Look for selected students’ work published in The Chief in the coming weeks! Students will be starting an exciting new project next week.
  • Senior students in Math are learning trigonometry, while juniors are learning about imperial measurements. Juniors are getting ready to build 2 picnic tables for the math room.
  • This trimester’s PE students spent their time outdoors geocaching!
  • In Visual Arts, digital students have been learning drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator while exploring types of symmetry. Drawing students have been practicing traditional drawing techniques, including working with charcoal while exploring value.

Projects are in full swing, and students are hard at work! As always, stop by to check out what’s happening. Have a great weekend,

The LEx Team