LEX 09/28

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

September 28, 2018


It was a wonderful week at Learning Expeditions. Here are just a few of the things we are up to:

  • Students in science studied the environmental effects on genes. Students researched to argue whether we (humans) are a product of nature or nurture. Through our investigation, we determined that both aspects play a role in defining our nature, as environment can affect how are genes are expressed
  • Humanities students are learning about Cultural Sustainability through editorials and interpreting famous monuments.
  • Students in math continued to learn about graphing, statistics, and the role these important tools serve in society. Students are collecting data of specific Squamish neighbourhoods in order to assist in the Community Sustainability project.
  • Culinary Arts students learned how to make savoury pancakes, and tested out salsa from the previous week with a plate of gluten free nachos. To close out the week, students harvested piles of tomatoes to prep for the pasta and pizza sauces that we will be creating and canning next week!
  • Social Justice students are preparing to see social justice in action by attending Whistler’s Sister in Spirit Vigil next thursday. Students have been thoughtfully exploring how best to raise awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

We are so excited to continue with projects next week! Stay tuned to see how things are progressing. As always, stop by to check out what’s happening. Have a great weekend,

The LEx Team