LEX Weekly Newsletter 09/21

Learning Expeditions Weekly Newsletter

September 21, 2018


Academics are in full swing here at Learning Expeditions. Though students are still building skills and foundational knowledge, projects are underway and the classrooms are already buzzing. Here are just some of the exciting things we got up to this week:

  • Community Sustainability Project: Our first big project has been introduced. For 12 weeks students will be building a sustainable Squamish – Culturally, Socially, Economically and Environmentally. This big picture project will be broken up into many smaller projects, collaboratively supported across all subject areas.
  • Students in science continued to learn about the scientific method, particularly focussing on the importance of critique and revision. Through learning about DNA, students are exploring the nature of living things and how we are connected with our environment – locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Students in math are exploring graphing, statistics, and interpreting demographics using local resources. This is all through a community lense, helping to answer our first project’s essential questions.
  • Humanities students are exploring the value and threats to cultural sustainability that local monuments, figures, names, and statues represent. Students are weighing in on the national historic monuments debate — Juniors through proposing and building their own locally situated monuments, and Seniors through editorials that will be submitted to The Chief.

It feels wonderful to have our community working together once again. As always, stop by to check out what’s happening. Have a great weekend,

The LEx Team