Welcome to Sea to Sky Learning Connections!

Our Programs of Choice, Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys) and Learning Expeditions are now in their second year.  For more information on these programs, click the tabs above.  If you are interested in learning more or coming for a tour, please contact Ryan Massey, Principal at rmassey@sd48.bc.ca or call 604-892-5904. These new programs are very exciting and kids are learning in different and deeper ways! Click on the tabs above to see more about each program. Watch our new Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys) video below!


Deeper Learning By Design

Deeper learning is an approach that we strive for in our all of our school programs.  To learn more about the Deeper Learning approach, successful in a number of networks of schools in North America, click here to watch a great video.